6 x 6 Art Nouveau flower - Azure Mist

These are made-to-order ceramic art tiles made in my art tile studio located in beautiful southwest Missouri.   You can use them in a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, or bathroom wall along with my other tiles to create a unique installation. You can also use them in combination with other commercially available tiles. A great idea is to use several different designs done in the same glaze to give interesting variety to your installation. You can see my other designs in this same glaze here.

All tiles are made-to-order and generally take from 2-4 weeks to make depending on the size of your order. Feel free to contact me if you are doing an installation and need a current estimate of the expected delivery date.  I recommend ordering samples first before placing a larger order.

The tiles are high-fired to over 2150 degrees for lasting durability. Slight variations in glaze color give them a unique character and is an expected feature of handmade tiles. The craftsmanship put into each of my handmade tiles give them their unique beauty. 

Matching field (plain) tiles for installations are also available in the following nominal sizes: 2x2, 2x6, 3x3, 3x6, 4x4, and 6x6.  You can see my field tiles here.
Contact me for more information about matching field tiles.

Installation tiles measure about 3/16" smaller than the nominal size so that the size of the tile plus the width of a grout line will equal a whole inch number. This makes it much easier to calculate the number of tiles you'll need for your installation.
The tiles will also fit together in a modular fashion. For example, (2) 3x3 tiles plus a grout line between them is the same width as one 6x6 tile. This allows you to arrange all the different sizes in an endless variety of patterns while keeping the grout lines in sync.

All prices listed are per each although photos may show more than one item.

I make these using the traditional method of tile production that was used for centuries before mass-production techniques were introduced. After the original design is carved, I make a plaster mold of it. Each tile is then pressed into the mold and takes several days to slowly dry before being fired in my kiln for the first time. Most of the mass-produced tiles you find these days are quickly fired in about 1 hour. However, I use 2 separate and lengthy kiln firings instead which are necessary to create very unique and interesting glaze surfaces, The first firing, called the bisque firing, is used to harden the clay and make it ready to accept glaze. After the first firing, the glaze is applied by hand and then they are fired a 2nd time to over 2150 degrees. This is a much higher temperature than most commercial tiles are fired to and results in very durable and interesting glaze surfaces. Each glaze firing takes about 2 days to complete. This long and slow glaze firing is necessary to give the components of each glaze plenty of time to melt, flow, and interact with each other and results in very beautiful glaze surfaces from the deep translucent glossy glazes to the variegated colors. The slight variations in glaze color give them their unique character and beauty.

These are semi-vitreous wall tiles.  Please follow TCNA guidelines when installing tile.