About us

   One day in 2006 I happened to be in a tile shop and noticed some designs that were particularly impressive.  Like a light bulb turning on,  I realized that I was going to leave the accounting profession and start a tile-making business.

   So began the process.  I started studying and experimenting with different glazes and ceramic clay bodies.  I discovered that the process of taking raw material from the earth and using my hands to turn it into something functional and beautiful is very rewarding.  I was strongly influenced by the arts and crafts movement and the art nouveau styles.       The arts and crafts movement emphasized the intrinsic value of handmade goods, both in artistic and human terms, in reaction to the consequences of the industrial age.  The warmth, beauty, and natural variation of handmade tiles is what makes them more appealing than those that are mass-produced.

   I try to add new art tile designs and glazes regularly as well as cabinet hardware in matching designs and colors.

   As much as I enjoy the technical and artistic aspects of my business, I consider great customer service to be my highest priority.  Please feel free to contact me at campbelltile@gmail.com with any questions you might have.