2 x 6 Art Nouveau border tile with glossy dark brown glaze - Caramel

These are handmade ceramic art tiles made in my art tile studio located in beautiful southwest Missouri.   You can use them in a kitchen backsplash, fireplace surround, or bathroom wall along with my other tiles to create a unique installation. You can also use them in combination with other commercially available tiles.  They measure approximately 1-13/16" x 5-13/16" to allow for grout spacing.

The tiles are high-fired to over 2150 degrees for lasting durability. Slight variations in glaze color give them a unique character and is an expected feature of handmade tiles. The craftsmanship put into each of my handmade tiles give them their unique beauty. No two will ever be exactly the same!

These are semi-vitreous wall tile.  Please follow TCNA guidelines when installing tile.

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